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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Plateroti Center

Integrative Medicine Specialists located in Templeton, CA

A variety of common health conditions can be linked to an imbalance in hormones. The Plateroti Center in Templeton, California, offers innovative bio-identical hormone rejuvenation treatment options to get you back on track. Carmelo Plateroti, DO, FAOCD, FAAD, uses bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to restore balance and resolve symptoms that are disrupting your life for over 20 years. Learn more about the conditions you can treat with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy by calling the office today.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Q & A

What is functional hormone rejuvenation?

Dr. Plateroti developed the functional hormone rejuvenation system with Dr. Aracely Plateroti, OMD, PhD, to tailor hormone replacement treatment plans to specific needs and desired outcomes.

Hormone rejuvenation can replenish low levels of your own natural hormones safely and effectively. This therapy option is often ideal for relieving symptoms when other treatments have failed.

Why do I need hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy is an effective treatment option when you’re experiencing an imbalance in your hormone levels. This imbalance may be the result of the natural aging process or because of an underlying medical condition, such as a thyroid disorder.

Dr. Plateroti can recommend hormone therapy, using bioidentical hormones, to rebalance your hormone levels and eliminate symptoms that reduce your quality of life.

You may benefit from hormone therapy to address:

  • Menopause
  • Andropause
  • Weight loss
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Thyroid disorder

Dr. Plateroti can also recommend bio-identical hormone replacement therapy as part of an anti-aging regimen to help you retain your youthful look and healthy skin.

What are bioidentical hormones?

Bio-identical hormones come from natural plant sources that are similar in structure to the hormones your body produces naturally. This ensures you can benefit from therapy without worrying about the additional side effects of synthetic materials.

Dr. Plateroti uses different dosages of hormones in your treatment to replace what your body is missing. As your hormone levels come back into balance, you can find relief from hormone-related symptoms, like:

  • Dry skin
  • Joint pain
  • Thinning hair
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Increased thirst
  • Weight gain or loss

An imbalance of hormones can also result in mental health issues, putting you at increased risk for developing chronic conditions, like anxiety and depression, or cause you to have difficulties concentrating.

Women can also experience symptoms like night sweats, vaginal dryness, and changes in their sex drive. For men, a hormone imbalance can cause erectile dysfunction, loss of muscle mass, and development of breast tissue.

By providing your body with the hormones it needs to function properly, you can enjoy long-term relief of your symptoms.

Find out if hormone replacement therapy is right for you by calling the Plateroti Center today or using the convenient online booking feature to schedule a consultation.


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