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Hormone Rejuvenation


We’re here to help you take control of your health. Feel the way you want to feel. Live a life full of strength and vitality. And enjoy all this naturally.


What is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement? 

The Plateroti Center offers the latest in Bio-identical natural hormone replacement therapy for women in a safe and effective manner.

Menopause is a natural process a woman’s body goes through as she ages. Many different approaches can be taken to help address this change. Diet and lifestyle are always at the core of the program. Vitamins, minerals, and other supplements as necessary are then added to support the foundation. Lastly, the Bio-identical hormones, which look exactly like the hormones you produce in your own body and originate from wild yam or soy, are formulated for you.

As we age, our hormone levels change. For example, as early as 30 years of age, our DHEA levels start declining. At the same time, our Cortisol starts to rise. This combination can result in weight gain, especially around the middle, increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance. Other symptoms that occur with menopause include:

  • Mood Fluctuations
  • Slowed Memory
  • Lowered Bone Density
  • Lowered Sex Drive
  • Rise in Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Changes in Menstruation
  • Hot Flashes and Night Sweats Vaginal Dryness
  • Sleep Difficulty

Each woman experiences these changes to varying degrees. There are many different approaches to managing your symptoms, and we will work with you to find the treatment that best supports your needs. To start, your hormone levels will be evaluated by a 24-hour urinalysis which allows for multiple metabolites to be measured accurately. Then, a physician will work with you to focus on methods to help you balance your hormones safely and effectively for your natural body composition.


What is Our Cutting-Edge Approach to Functional Hormone Rejuvenation?

We have been focused on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and have treated more than 3,800 patients during that time.  Our approach can best be described as “Precision Medicine”: each patient deserves a comprehensive evaluation and an individually-tailored treatment regimen that must be continually optimized.  We don’t subscribe to the “one size fits all” philosophy followed by most physicians when treating hormonal imbalance.  Every patient is different and every body responds differently to the same dosage.  We believe the path to optimized health consists of natural hormone rejuvenation, balanced bioidentical hormone replacement, anti-oxidant therapy and proper nutrition & exercise. The hormone rejuvenation system we call “Functional Hormone Rejuvenation” developed by Dr. Carmelo Plateroti, D.O. and Dr. Aracely Plateroti, O.M.D., Ph.D.  Dr. Carmelo Plateroti brings more than 30 years of clinical experience with Hormone Therapy. Dr. Aracely Plateroti adds the Functional Bioenergetic Model she has been using in clinical experience for the past 15 years. The synergy between these two Doctors creates a New Paradigm into Hormone Rejuvenation…

It is important to understand that all hormones, even bio-identical ones need to be used judiciously, with attention to creating balance in the whole person.  Not only do we need to evaluate estrogen levels but also thyroid and adrenal function, assess gastrointestinal function, and understand how all areas are influenced by nutrients, diet, stress levels, personal history, environmental toxicity and psycho-spiritual well-being.

This global approach is called the “functional medicine” model which uses biological systems theory (i.e. it’s all connected!!) — an approach that we began learning and using for many years and now get to teach to other physicians and healthcare practitioners as a faculty member with the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Functional Hormone Rejuvenation was developed due to the need/demand of women and men wanting a Holistic approach to hormone rejuvenation.  At the Plateroti Center we approach the Endocrine system from a Functional Medical Model Functional Endocrinology and Functional Immunology to rejuvenate and stimulate the production of natural hormones in the human body, combining twenty-first century technology with the Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Medicine. The Plateroti Center Functional Hormone Rejuvenation system incorporates individual patient assessment from a bio-medical and bioenergetic prospective.  Some of the tools we use are blood, saliva or urine testing, hormonal homeopathics, neuro-emotional assessment, bioidentical and nutritional and dietary modifications.



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