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One of the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine is that the health of the body, the mind and the spirit is reflected on the face. Internal health radiates as external beauty—it is absolutely the source of our beauty and the source of our youth. Skin problems and aging ultimately result from internal imbalances, so the best way to address them is to correct the inner body imbalances.
Facial Rejuvenation from the Inside Out  
What does your face reveal?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? According to Chinese medicine, your face is a window to your health. Most people don’t realize that their face provides information about what’s going on beneath the surface. Your body speaks a unique language to communicate the imbalances within it. Chinese medicine has mastered the art and science of reading the body’s language over its five thousand year practice. Your reflection offers visual cues to what may be happening within your internal systems–such as your heart, stomach, hormones and even your mind and spirit.
Acugems Facial Rejuve 
Acugems Facial Rejuve
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